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The Unknown Vet

Most of us entered this summer season intending to make up for the one lost to COVID last year. I wonder how that plan is working out, and suspect that like most years, we never get to do all we plan.

This reminds me of how many Veterans return home to a world where they cannot accomplish all they planned. You see, all of us who enter military service, do so with our own dreams of the things we will learn, the places we will serve in, the contributions we can make, and how we will be transformed. Lastly, we wonder how we will benefit from those experiences. For most of us, it is a privilege and an honor to serve our country in uniform. Despite the many risks, most of us benefit personally in countless ways. However, no one ever suspects that enlisting will lead them to suicide – but for those requiring additional help returning home, it unfortunately does. Additionally, help is not always available, resulting in the tragic loss of 22 Veterans each day. This is the reason The Gold Shield was formed; to get those Veterans in need, what they are entitled to… returning home safely, before it’s too late.

As we enter August and begin to fear we are running out of time to enjoy our summer, let us remember those Veterans who are running out of time to live, and what we can do to help them – not only enjoy this last month of summer – but future summers, as we hope to.

The Gold Shield is mobilizing the nation to save the lives of those who protect us. You too can help… Please join The Gold Shield, today… I can’t do this alone.

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