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LIC Bar Hosts Beauty Pageant for Dogs


Donut with her mom, Emily Auth. Credit: Jean Brannum

By Jean Brannum |

Glitz, glamour, and wagging tails graced the red carpet outside of the Baroness Bar in Long Island City for the 3rd annual dog beauty pageant. 

Husband-and-wife duo Melanie Lemieux and Kyle Rodzyminski hosted several canine beauties, dressed to the nines, to be judged on cuteness, tricks, and personality. Spectators could enjoy food and drinks at the bar and the dogs awaiting their stage walk could enjoy free treats and water. 

Donut the Dachshund won the grand prize of a Bond Vet gift basket. The judges loved her Audrey Hepburn-esque outfit and cheerful personality. She posed with her mom, Emily Auth, sporting her small crown. Auth said Donut’s best quality is her affection. 

“I feel amazing, (and) I am so proud of my Donut,” Auth said after hearing that she won. 

Finalist Douglas show off his tricks. Credit: Jean Brannum

One of the finalists, Douglas showed off his abundance of tricks, including the classic handshake. He was the largest competitor but was able to squeeze onto the blue couch. 

Finley had the best group of cheerleaders. Mom and daughter dressed FInely to match the daughter in a butterfly outfit. Finley’s family strongly testified that he was “the best dog ever.” Finley was also one of the finalists. 

However, there were many honorable mentions who did not advance to the winner’s round. Annabella the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel did a twirl like no other in her butterfly dress. Stevie Licks, a King Charles Spaniel showed off her donut collar. 

One of the most fashionable pooches was Freda, who walked the stage decked out in flowers. Her mom, Jessie Newman wore a similar-looking pink dress. 

“I found it online and was looking for an excuse to wear it,” Newman said referring to Freda’s outfit.

Credit: Jean Brannum

Lemieux was pleased to see all of the dogs who participated in this year’s contest, especially when the maximum temperature was 90 degrees. Lemieux mentioned an upcoming pageant she is planning for August. 


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