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Civic Leader and Assembly Candidate Hiram Monserrate Shines Light on Roosevelt Avenue’s  Challenges

Queens Ledger Staff

In a relentless campaign to address the myriad challenges along Roosevelt Avenue, civic leader and Assembly candidate Hiram Monserrate casts a spotlight on the neighborhood’s pressing issues.



In a thorough investigation on the streets of Roosevelt Avenue in Corona, civic leader and Assembly candidate Hiram Monserrate has brought to attention a myriad of concerning activities, signaling a call for action to address the prevalent issues plaguing the neighborhood.

Monserrate’s endeavor sheds light on the multifaceted challenges faced by the community and underscores the necessity for concerted efforts from authorities to mitigate them effectively.

During Monserrate’s inquiry, a troubling pattern emerged as no less than 15 instances of alleged prostitution solicitation and unlicensed street vending were observed within just a six-block radius.

These activities, ranging from the sale of cooked meat from makeshift setups such as garbage cans to the blatant solicitation of prostitution, and  unlicensed smoke shops paint a grim picture of the street’s environment. Monserrate’s frustration was palpable as he recounted encounters where individuals engaging in illicit activities openly disregard regulations and authority figures.

“The fact is that the NYPD and the sheriff’s cannot enforce this and they’re not closing the nuisance,” Monserrat said. “They’re not doing it. Clearly, the city needs more tools.”

Beyond the immediate concerns of prostitution solicitation and illegal vending, Monserrate highlighted broader issues impacting the quality of life for Roosevelt Avenue residents. Instances of graffiti on properties further compound the deteriorating aesthetics of the neighborhood, while also raising safety concerns. Despite a visible police presence, Monserrate argued that a more proactive and comprehensive approach is warranted to address the root causes of these challenges effectively.

Monserrate’s advocacy extends beyond mere observation, as he has actively called for the establishment of a permanent task force involving multiple agencies. Such a task force, composed of representatives from law enforcement, sanitation departments, and other relevant bodies, would be tasked with enforcing regulations and ensuring public safety along Roosevelt Avenue. By addressing the issue holistically, Monserrate believes that lasting change can be achieved, preventing a return to the status quo.

“Right now, we’ve seen probably 10 Cops around,”  Monserrate said. “But what we need is a 100 cop task force at one time.”

Illegal street vendors operating along Roosevelt Avenue have not only flouted regulations regarding unlicensed vending but have also contributed to environmental degradation by indiscriminately dumping their garbage onto the streets. The unsightly accumulation of waste not only mars the aesthetic appeal of the neighborhood but also poses health hazards to residents and passersby.

The presence of food trucks parked directly outside residential homes exacerbates the situation, as the constant flow of customers and associated activities disrupts what should be residential areas.

The urgency of Monserrate’s efforts has not gone unnoticed, with residents and other community leaders echoing the same sentiments. While recent actions by city officials to address some of the challenges are commendable, Monserrate stresses the importance of sustained and comprehensive measures.

“We have to talk to each other, and we have to make sure that we resolve the problem,”  Monserrate said. “We need to be able to work together on this.”

As discussions continue on how best to tackle the challenges facing Roosevelt Avenue, Monserrate’s dedication to highlighting these issues serves as a catalyst for change. By rallying support and advocating for tangible solutions, Monserrate hopes to foster a safer and more vibrant environment for all residents of the neighborhood.

Queens Ledger Staff

Amidst the bustling streets of Roosevelt Avenue, blatant graffiti defaces residential homes, raising both aesthetic concerns and safety alarms. 

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