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Parade tirade

Dear Editor,
Last year, it was necessary to cancel many outdoor events due to the pandemic. But this year, even with three effective vaccines, parades are being cancelled again by our clueless mayor.
If the annual New York State Fair can go on, baseball stadiums are allowed full capacity with vaccinated fans, and the U.S. Open is taking place with spectators in the stands, why can’t the traditional parades be allowed to take place this year?
Does this mean no Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day or Thanksgiving Day parades will take place, as well as the annual Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting?
Mayor Bill de Blasio wanted to hold a concert in Central Park for 60,000 people. which due to heavy rain had to be cancelled. This year, Radio City Music Hall will be holding the annual Christmas Spectacular.
Will Times Square again be closed to the public on New Year’s Eve?
We have the power to stop this pandemic if everyone that can get vaccinated will get vaccinated.
John Amato
Fresh Meadows

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