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Open up a Smoothie Business and make real money!

Okay here is a simple business to open and make money.

A Smoothie Business

You need only about 500 Sq. Ft. On a very busy Avenue.

Your hours average 10 a.m. to 10p.m.

The key is to be in a great busy area but one where

the homes and schools are plentiful. An area that has high traffic and high Pedestrian Traffic.

Area to Consider: Middle Village

Metropolitan Avenue has four Banks, Supermarket, Restaurants, and is extremely busy compared to other areas.

Business is simple. Products brought to you.

More people are Health Conscience than ever before.

Affordability along with a fair rent and fair rent increases equals success.

Keys… near a bus stop. On the way to school or coming back from school. Near Nursery and pre schools.

Senior Citizens would flock to this type of product.

Middle Village is a key location to consider.

If you can get a rent between $2,100 to $2,200 dollars

to be on Metro in a move in condition store you are all set.

October 22,2021

Store on Metro for Rent!

500 sq ft Move in condition

Rent Asking $2,400

Rent increases only $50.00 yearly

Best advice given from Broker in the

Business for 42 years.

Jim Turano/ Diverse Real Estate


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