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Dear Editor
Then-president Donald Trump announced the U.S. would leave Afghanistan in May. All his supporters cheered and backed him 100 percent. But now, It’s all Biden’s fault that Afghanistan has gone to hell.
The American occupation of Afghanistan has cost the U.S. $2.6 trillion. Who knows where that money goes? The president of Afghanistan fled with over $169 million. The U.S. poured $90 billion into an Afghan military that crumbled in just eleven days.
The same people who are saying we can occupy Afghanistan for multiple generations in an attempt to turn it into Denmark are the same people here in the U.S. who are saying no to universal childcare, paid family leave, paid pre-school, food stamps for the hungry, and health coverage for all Americans.
If Trump announced that he was a communist, Republican leadership would immediately begin calling each other “comrade.”
Robert LaRosa Sr.

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