Twitter wisdom

Dear Editor,
I saw this on Twitter and felt it was worth sharing.
“Just to set the record straight,
this is what the average American wants:
We don’t want money for nothing;
We want jobs that pay enough for our basic needs.
We don’t want free healthcare;
We want our taxes to pay for it, not for more wars.
We don’t want a free place to live;
We want affordable housing that costs no more than 30 percent of our income.
We don’t want corporations to be unprofitable;
We want them out of the political, electoral,
regulatory and policy-making processes.
We don’t want the wealthy to pay for everything;
We just want them to pay their fair share.
We don’t expect elections to deliver the results we want;
We just want to be able to vote and we want our votes to count.”
I can’t imagine that any reasonable person would disagree.
Linda Imhauser