Missing funds

Dear Editor,
Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer proudly boasted how he has delivered $10 billion in new Federal Transit Administration funding to the MTA.
He said these funds will pay for the federal share of the $12 billion Gateway Tunnel, $6.9 billion Second Avenue Subway Phase 2, $8 billion Penn Station South and $1.5 billion Metro North Bronx Penn Station Access.
What’s missing from his grand announcement is any reference to the $10 billion Cross Harbor Freight Tunnel, $8 billion Rockaway LIRR branch restoration, $5 billion Utica Avenue Subway extension, $3.7 billion Brooklyn/Queens Street Car Connector, $3.5 billion Red Hook Subway extension, $3 billion Triboro X Bronx/Queens/Brooklyn subway line, $2.2 billion Light Rail between Jamaica and Long Island City, $100 million Flushing Intermodal Bus Terminal and $40 million for reopening the Woodhaven Boulevard LIRR Station closed in 1982.
This confirms that funding for these projects will end up being delayed until the next MTA 2025-2029 or 2030-2034 Five Year Capital Plan.
There is no evidence that most of these project are included in the MTA 2020-2040 Capital Needs Assessment Plan. Former Governor Andrew Cuomo and the MTA promised to release this document in December 2019.
Twenty-one months later, riders, transit advocate, taxpayers, and elected officials are still waiting for this critical document to see the light of day.
Larry Penner
Great Neck