Bodypainting Day in New York

The eighth annual Bodypainting Day was celebrated in Union Square over the weekend. The event was hosted by Brooklyn artist Andy Golub and his nonprofit Human Connection Arts (HCA), and featured a number of 26 artists painting 45 nude models.
The year’s theme was resilience, as well as a focus on body positivity.
“I think it’s important to show that New York City is getting better,” said Rocket Osborne, a New York City-based architect.
For four hours, models of all shapes and sizes served as human canvasses, as bystanders took photos and video.
After getting painted, the group marched to Washington Square Park for a photo shoot at the iconic arch. The group then took a double-decker bus to an afterparty at HCA in Greenpoint.
Golub is known for his human canvas paintings, often painting numerous models and then arranging them for an even bigger piece of art.
“We painted a whole bunch of people and it’s going to look like an Andy Golub at the end because he’s going to go over with his black lining,” said Tom Sebazco, an Astoria-based artist.