No Chick ban

Dear Editor,
State Assembly members Harry Bronson of Rochester and Deborah Glick and Danny O’Donnell of Manhattan recently sent a letter to the New York State Thruway Authority executive director Matthew Driscoll opposing the opening of Chick-fil-A franchises at the Thruway rest stops.
They claim to represent the interests of the LGBTQ community, but in calling for the denial of this free enterprise business to open new locations is also intolerant.
Chick-fil-A has opened dozens of stores in New York State. They are in the process of opening 200 stores in New York City alone.
Chick-fil-A provides gainful employment to construction contractors and their employees to build each operation, as well as cooks, cashiers and food supply deliverers. This benefits many who reside in communities with high unemployment in upstate New York.
Many more open-minded members of the LGBTQ community work or dine there. Chick-fil-A provides a quality product at reasonable prices.
And revenues generated by Chick-fil-A at Thruway rest stops will help the Thruway Authority pay off the $3.9 billion tab for the Mario Cuomo Tappan Zee Bridge.
If you don’t like the politics of Chick-fil-A, don’t eat there, but don’t deny the civil liberties of others who might prefer Chick-fil-A.
Chick-fil-A owners and employees are our neighbors who pay taxes. True tolerance means accepting those with different values than your own. There are plenty of other dining options available at New York State Thruway rest stops if you don’t want to patronize Chick-fil-A.
Larry Penner
Great Neck