Ogle judgeship nomination a first for Queens

When she appears on the ballot in November, Andrea Sabita Ogle will be the first woman of Indo-Caribbean descent nominated by the Queens County Democratic Party for a judgeship.
Ogle and her family immigrated from Guyana. She grew up in Cambria Heights, studied at Queens College, and attended law school at Seton Hall University.
“I knew I wanted to help people, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in terms of practicing law,” said Ogle. “When I came into Family Court as a pro bono attorney and a private practitioner, I saw people who looked like us.”
Ogle has maintained a diverse private practice in Queens for more than 20 years. As Queens became more diverse, Ogle recognized the need to help people whose first language was not English.
“What I started to do is to think of ways that I could be responsive to the needs and concerns of the community,” Ogle explained. “I started working with various organizations to educate and help others and to improve diversity, tolerance and relationships in our communities.”
Ogle often gets invited to speak at various events on topics like domestic violence, women’s rights, and many more that she is passionate about.
For senior appreciation month, Ogle was a guest speaker at an annual senior luncheon sponsored by Councilman I. Daneek Miller, Assemblywoman Vivian Cooke, and District Attorney Melinda Katz.
“We presented on issues regarding wills, predatory lending, scams, domestic violence, elder abuse, the Cares ACT forbearance, and nursing home care,” she said.
Ogle has seen firsthand how the legal system impacts lives, and believes that public service is one of the most rewarding and gratifying endeavors one can undertake.
“It’s important that when people come before the courts, they’re treated with dignity and respect,” she said. “At the same time you must be impartial. It’s important they feel they have had a fair opportunity to be heard, even if they don’t get the result they want.”