Art is alive in Astoria
by Melissa Bozin
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A visitor surveys art displayed on the wall in Veslos Cafe. Photo by Francine Dominguez of 1GS photos
A visitor surveys art displayed on the wall in Veslos Cafe. Photo by Francine Dominguez of 1GS photos
Kris Tees Boutique, alongside Show Room by C., brought “Astoria Art Alive” to Veslos Café on Broadway on Wednesday, September 21, to showcase different artists and allow fans to purchase pieces from their current collections.

The contemporary art affair showcased the talents of seven versatile and unique artists, displaying everything from photography to handmade paintings and even paper made clothing.

The event drew approximately 250 people. Among the aretists were Peach Tao, Darci Shea, Queens 77, Vincent Labaccaro, AGENT MIMI, Joey Maracic, Susan Springer Anderson, Mieko Anekawa and Kathleen Marie Couture.

Couture, an artist and designer, displayed a photo that was inspired by John Galliano from Christian Dior. The photo was made specifically for Galliano, and the gown featured in the photo was one of Couture’s own handmade dresses.

Perhaps the most intriguing out of all of Couture’s photos was the designer’s personal favorite, inspired by the famous Marie Antoinette. What made this dress so unique was that inside the skirt, Couture inscribed the last letter Marie Antoinette ever wrote, which was addressed to her sister while she was imprisoned.

Couture noted that she put in approximately 80 hours of work into that gown while using roughly 70 yards of fabric.

Anderson was another artist whose work definitely grabbed attendees’ attention. Anderson’s paper wedding gown was created using the New York Times.

The Jackson Heights-based artist said she was always interested in the arts. Her grandparents used to own a craft store, and some of her current artwork today is inspired by glass statues her grandmother used to have.

Cynthia Radalj, former owner of Candy Plum boutique and current owner of Show Room by C., along with business Partner, Kristie Foster, owner of KrisTEES Boutique, chose the artists because they believed they all worked well together.

Astoria was chosen as the destination for this event because, “it’s the hip, young and trendy community, it’s always Astoria” said Radalj.
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