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Dogs are sporting dashing rose quartz charms on their collars. Some are sleeping in a comfy dog bed with a black agate crystal zipped into the bed cushion to ease muscular and skeletal problems. Although crystal healing reemerged as a strong trend in the 1980’s, it is not an 80’s New Age discovery. Crystals have been used by the ancient Egyptians, Australian Aborigines, and Ancient Sumerians who believed that crystals had magical qualities.

There’s no denying that crystals, rose quartz, and gemstones are beautiful and look enchanting on dog collars and leashes. But, are crystals, quartz, and gemstones merely cute accessories or are they something more?

Do Gemstones Really Work? 

Dogs are sensitive to electromagnetic fields. Attempting to align themselves with the Earth’s magnetic field is why dogs face north or south when they’re ready to urinate during a stroll. The energy in crystals is reported to be felt by dogs and non-invasively attracts particular qualities to a dog, depending on what type of crystal is used. For example, Rose Quartz is a common crystal choice to use on abused or anxious rescue dogs because it is reported to have a soothing, loving energy that is healing for any dog who has been hurt physically or emotionally.

Purchasing crystals for your dog requires a little research and preparation. If you simply can't resist buying a crystal adorned collar for your pupper, be aware that some crystals and gemstones are toxic to dogs so you never want to place a crystal where your dog could chew on or swallow it. A holistic vet is the best source to consult if you are considering using crystals for healing.

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