Vote Libertarian
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Dear Editor,

If there is anyone out there as angry as I am about the options for presidential candidates that our two-party system has given us this year, hold on, there is another option.

Gary Johnson is running as the presidential candidate for the Libertarian party with William Weld as his running mate. These two former governors were elected as Republicans in heavily blue states, New Mexico and Massachusetts, respectively.

What does a Libertarian stand for? For one, non-interventionist foreign policy. This means doing everything possible to stop sending our men and women in the military into other countries where we seem to be increasing hostility towards the U.S. rather than working towards a peaceful resolution of conflict.

Second, smaller government. This means reducing federal government spending by shrinking the size and scope of the federal government and lowering taxes.

Third, ending the war on drugs. The U.S. has more prisoners locked up than any other country in the world including China, which has a total population of over 1 billion people compared to the U.S.'s 300 million. We have more than 2 million people locked up in the U.S compared to China's 1 million. Ending the war on drugs would reduce our incarceration rate.

In order for Gary Johnson to make it into the presidential debate, he needs to be polling at 15 percent. Please consider voting for a third-party candidate to break open this two-party system that has become completely corrupt.

Don't get mad, take action!


Beth Anne Farmer
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