BizSmart Phoenix Contractors Insurance

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We specialize in looking for the best coverage for the following jobs:

  • Construction workers and contractors (such as gas and oil contractors)
  • Handyman, repairman, and other contractors on the same field
  • Plumbers, woodworkers, carpenters, electrical technicians, linesmen, house painters
  • House cleaners, maids, carpet, and floor cleaners
  • Renovation, remodeling professionals, and other independent workers

Contractors are no different from any other businesses out there. To reduce business risks, you need to protect yourself financially by acquiring a property and general liability insurance. Aside from that, there are specific risks in the industry that are covered by the insurance. Our company can help you search for a personalized insurance policy that fits your business. If your employees are always on the go, it is best to get a commercial auto policy because accidents can happen in between jobs.



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