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 Stimulus checks on there way!
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Do I qualify for a coronavirus relief check? 

HuffPost LifeMarch 25, 2020

The amount of money you may receive as part of this stimulus package is based on your adjusted gross income. If you already filed your federal taxes for 2019 (the deadline was extended to July 15), eligibility will be based on your AGI from that tax return. If you haven’t filed yet, the IRS will rely on information from your 2018 return or the Social Security Administration to determine eligibility.

Here’s the bad news: Not everyone will qualify for a relief check. 

The maximum amount you can receive is $1,200, or if married filing jointly, $2,400 per couple. That amount phases out for single filers with an AGI between $75,000 and $99,000, joint filers with an AGI between $150,000 and $198,000 and heads of household with an AGI between $112,500 and $146,500. 

Those who qualify for the $1,200 credit will

Question-My two daughters do not work. They haven't for years. As a mother I let them do whatever they want. I know it maybe wrong, but now there approaching their 40's. Will they get a stimulus check?


Dr. Gigante of Mental Health organization from Mt. Sinai states for generations people had to work two jobs to make ends meat. Today is a new generation of the definition of Laziness and undetected mental disorders behind the many young people just choosing to live with their parents and not work.

No jobs, No income, No social security buildups, no medical coverage, No example to those who have children already.

Just existing, breathing, talking and eating is not what life is about. These type of individuals face financial disaster in the near future big time. With no guidance from their parents, they are allowing their children to live in a fantasy World. Out of touch with reality. Almost like leading them to cliff and the end of the road.

Last point-People do care about others however-You can't tell these people anything. They will be offended. You want to help but these people are so close minded and out of touch with reality and you just have to watch them confront disaster soon one day.



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